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Naturally perfect water.

Naturally perfect box.

Flow is 100% natural Canadian spring water, mindfully
sourced in an eco-friendly box and packed with
electrolytes, essential minerals and an alkaline pH.

A lot of positivity
in every drop

Essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium carbonate give Flow its unique silky taste and healthful properties. For example, a naturally high pH to offset modern acidic diets and electrolytes to keep the body more hydrated.

Smart. Because
Plastic Isn't.

We use an environmentally-friendly box, not a plastic bottle, to package our naturally mineral-rich, spring water. And use just enough material to keep that package stable. It's made from renewable materials. As in it can be renewed, recycled and then reused. 100% recyclable, 70% renewable resources.

Our Source.

The water comes from Bruce County. In particular, our founder's family-owned artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario. A glacial source that, to this day, remains virtually untouched by man or machine. In fact, Flow will never build anywhere near the source. It's just one more way in which we show our respect for its never-ending gift of naturally crystal clear, mineral-rich water.

Treat Yourself to 100%
Natural Hydration.

Flow is available at your local grocery store or yoga studio but, if you live in the Greater Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal Area and want to minimize your carbon footprint even more, we can deliver Flow to your door weekly in our eco-friendly cars. At the same time, we will pick up your empty water packs and recycle them for you.

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